What’s better today?

what's better today?
“What's better today?” John Kenworthy
What's Better Today? is both the singular most powerful thing you can do to change your own life and a whole lot of fun you can have with other people.

When you are asked to review your own performance it is more than 85% likely that you will focus on the negative aspects. You are well aware of the things that you do less than well.
If I asked you about what happened this week. You could easily regale all the negative things about work, your boss, your staff, your life. But what did you do this week that was good?
The world is filled with bad news. Things not going as well as they could – whether it's the economy, a scandal, a disaster. Good news rarely hits the headlines. In the same way, criticising ourselves is easy. Edifying (building up) ourselves truthfully is more difficult.
And it is important that you are truthful to yourself. This is not that great work of fiction your create when you apply for a new job. It's the things in your life that are better today than they were yesterday.
So what's better today? Tell me three things that are better today than they were yesterday for you.
Most people do, and I wish you could see your face as you tried to answer it.
So try this instead: Ask yourself two questions:
  1. What did you learn?
  2. What did you enjoy?
Now, you're getting somewhere. Simply use “what's better today?” as shorthand for these two questions.
If you would like to have some fun with this, the next person you meet today ask them “what's better today?”
It's common practice to greet people with variations of “How are you?” Most of the time you'll hear “OK” or “Good, thanks”. Occasionally you get an organ recital: “Well, my legs been playing up and my back is aching, my tummy was upset and I have a headache…” Did you really want to know? There are many people you know who readily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Instead, greet everyone with “What's better today?” Watch the response. Encourage them with the two questions if needed (What did you learn yesterday? What did you enjoy yesterday?) Keep doing it, people around you will look forward to seeing you. You will light up the room when you walk in. People will be drawn to you as a positive light in an otherwise dark world. And you'll feel good. You will be one of the few who is always snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.
On a daily basis. Ask yourself “what's better today?”. Note down 3 things (or more) that you enjoyed or learned or things you did to change AND 1 thing you want to improve AND overall what you are doing well.
Write it down. And speak it to yourself.
You are giving yourself a feedback sandwich. Nourishment for your learning and growth.
Write it down in your journal daily. Go through it once a week, then once a month, then once a quarter, then once a year. When you do this remember to keep ACTionable notes:

A – Apply – something you want to apply or continue applying in your life

C – Change – something you want to change

T – Teach – something you want to or should teach others

This will re-affirm your learning and growth and show you when and how things actually changed for you… then you can teach others what you did for them to learn and grow. Maybe even write your memoirs.
If you take nothing else from this book. Take this please. Test it out this week. Just one week and see what happens.