Values and anchors

hold on to my values

“To be authentic means expressing who I am on the inside to the utmost, without calculating the risks involved” Erfat Shani

What are My Values and Anchors

The anchors of our life, and particularly the anchors of our career are informed by our personal values, our perceived competences (job skills) and competencies (leadership skills), our character (the sort of person and leader we are, and our motives).

Knowing ourselves better, by understanding what anchors us, helps in both the decision we make and the direction we take to achieve any goal.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to stimulate your thoughts about your own areas of competence, motives, and values. This questionnaire alone will not reveal your career anchors because it is too easy to bias your answers. However, it will activate your thinking and prepare you for the discussion with your coach.

Download the questionnaire here