metric charts
Whatever your coaching objectives, self-track one or two things that are important with Metrics.
Maybe you already know exactly what you should track, or maybe you need to just ask yourself what’s something you'd like to work on.  Plan to track it for at least two weeks, it doesn’t even have to be something you’re being coached on directly.  Set a target: something you are trying to work up to or get below.

One of the main reasons I use coachaccountable with my clients is the ease and usefulness of keeping metrics.

create a metric
You might use a to-do list or a simple calendar entry, a piece of paper or a spreadsheet. The tool is not as important as doing it.
What I do like with coachaccountable is it keeps my own metrics highly visible and keeps all my clients metrics up front.
The email reminders, especially in that ‘red' spot are excellent ‘nags' to follow through with promises made to yourself and keeps you accountable.
Whichever system you use for keeping your metrics, make sure you keep them. What gets measured gets managed.