Part One – Starting Out

Part one of this guide book is about the initial phase of any coaching relationship.

By reading this I already know that you are either seeking help in achieving a specific objective or you are facing a challenge and want some guidance. In this part you'll learn if you are truly ready for coaching, and if so, what type of coaching is going to be most helpful for you right now. Even if you can coach yourself. In fact, by using the templates and guidance in this book, you will be coaching yourself.

In this part, you'll prepare yourself for change and establish your own motivation to persist in making this change happen. You'll know how to choose a coach to partner with you and be ready to play your part in making the relationship work. You'll look at what you really want to achieve through coaching and understand why having clear goals and vision is so important to achieve sustainable success that you want through your coaching.

You'll also know what to expect from your coach, and what your coach will expect from you and be aware of the formal agreement standards that are likely to apply to your relationship with your coach.

And by going through this, you will save yourself time and probably money by being well prepared to ask any potential coach the right questions. And if you find that you have the self-discipline and persistence within yourself, perhaps you won't need someone else to coach you at all.