Whilst I may be the author of this book in that I typed the words and somehow pulled it together, it is done with tremendous help of many people, some who knew they were helping and many who did not.

First of all I want to thank my coaching clients. You are the reason I love to go to work each day and without you I would not have learned what I needed to learn to even consider writing this.

To my Professional Leadership Caddy team for there advice and inputs. In particular, Professor A. Lee Gilbert, Terrence Choo, Anne Manning and Sharon Tan – your precious input and ideas on early drafts has been invaluable.

To my beloved wife, Annie, your love and presence in my life and encouragement through the many dark times is my constant. Thank you for putting up with me and challenging me when I needed it.

To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, You gave me utterance.