Success Stories


Success Stories


Being a Professional Leadership Caddy (PLC) is something for those searching to make a transformation and a significant impact in their organization. The PLC framework enables you to go beyond what traditional coaching can accomplish. In the certification process, I have experienced very powerful learning activities and exercise which enables me to get into various coaching situations. Discover if this is for you.

Terence Matthew Choo /


I've had the pleasure of being able to compare GAPPS with other tools. What I really like is that the yardstick by which measurements are taken has been calibrated using the very best top 10%. The truth matters – I need to know how I stack up compared to ‘the worlds best' in critical areas for me, and what I can do to make improve that area which needs work to become world class. I also need to know where the obstacles to avoid might be..! GAPPS does this better than anything else can.

Clive Turner /


The reason I have taken up John's coaching training is because it is the ONLY program that I have come across that provides a reasonable link between the “coaching of the individual” and corporate outcomes. John's approach is clean, simple and consistent, but more powerfully, has sufficient in-built capabilities to successfully address a wide range of situations. Highly Recommended.

Edmund Tan /


John ran the GAPPS assessment for me quite some time ago, and took me through the results. I found that it provided both accurate and useful insights into me as a leader, and into what development steps would be useful for me.

Steve Leaver /


GAPPS is an excellent tool to evaluate Leadership skills. I am sure that you will find that the results are realistic for actual business situations and that this will benefit your leadership effectiveness. I can recommend GAPPS as the product of choice for business leaders.

Richard Akam /

john e

John is a superb coach and motivational speaker who is great at helping people to change patterns and start new approaches. His GAINMORE AdvantEdge solution puts a lot of his expertise into a package and is very powerful.

John Enoch /


There is simply one word that sums up the coaching sessions I have with John to date – “AMAZING”!. Its astounding how every session ends on a powerful note. I highly recommend John to all who are interested to be trained as a coach or be coach by him. Thank you John for empowering me to coach others!

Trina Teo /


John is a great coach. His sessions are personal and effective. I have become a better leader because of the insights gained from his sessions. Great work! Highly recommended!

Melvin Goh /


I have enjoyed John's career and leadership coaching sessions and I can warmly recommend him for anyone interested in growing themselves.

Susanna Hasenoehrl, /