90 Days to Message Mastery

86% of the Value Propositions that people present aren't relevant enough to get the other person to take action.

We're all in sales now!

Like it or not, apart from the obvious, whenever you are gunning for a new job, pitching an idea or simply conveying facts to your colleagues… you are selling.

And, most sales messaging sounds & looks the SAME. As a result, customers assume that all competitors are alike which leads to them beating you up on price or worse yet, staying with the status quo.

So imagine if you could have a sales message that was Simple to understand, Unique from your competition & Memorable to your customer?

You can. We’ll show you how.

About the Programme

90 Days to Message Mastery is a programme designed for you to craft and communicate your compelling messages, taking all the complexity and value that is you, your business, your products and services and deliver it in a simple way, without dumbing it down or robbing it of its power.

You’ll be able to differentiate yourself and your products and services from the competition in a way that is meaningful to your prospects, prospective employers or just your boss so that the conversation is doesn;t always come back to price.

You’ll be able to create a sales conversation that is so memorable that even if your prospect decided not to buy today they could still remember a week, a month or even a year from now why they need to do business with you.

You’ll develop the skills of masterful presenters to confidently communicate your message in any situation with focused, engaging presentations that promote business results.

Programme Overview

The ability to communicate your ideas persuasively is the single greatest skill you need to accomplish your dreams.

Spreading your ideas in the 21st Century requires a 21st Century model of communication.

It’s a multimedia generation.

We communicate in photos, videos and 140 character tweets.

Using scans, scientists have learned more in the past ten years about how we process information than they’ve learned in all civilization to date

That means we know what moves people and we can prove it.

The 4 LawsMessage Mastery Logo

  • Touch My Heart
  • Understand Me
  • Give me Something New
  • Tell me a Story

In this 90 Day coaching programme, we meet every week for a 90 minute coaching session, or every two weeks for a half-day session (3 hours) and learn how to craft and deliver messages that obey all four laws.

Members will benefit from prework for each session with online tutorials and personal worksheets that provide a solid foundation and ensures that all members gain the most from our time together. In this way, our coaching sessions remain highly practical and hands-on.

Throughout the programme, every member will have full access to our coaching support system and all online resources.

Programme Agenda

There are 12 Modules in Message Mastery - each with preword, coaching session and online tutorials and support to enable you to bring your message to life.

There are 12 Modules in Message Mastery – each with prework, coaching session and online tutorials and support to enable you to bring your message to life.

How to Find out more

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