AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System Model- Explained

I’m going to explain how performance is unleashed using the AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System model. Performance happens when three things are aligned at the same moment: Your Potential, Your Drive and a Trigger. The Model You can visualise this model has two dimensions. The Vertical axis is your level of Drive to perform an […]

Will Your Talent Pass the AI Test?

Benefits of AI in Talent Acquisition A recruitment partner based in Shanghai told me that they now typically receive 260 (new) applications for an open position in a large company. The hospitality sector garners more than others: in Manchester, UK almost 1,000 applied for a receptionist job in a single day in July 2020! Will […]

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What is Talent, Really, Anyway? What is Talent Really, Anyway? #UnLock Your Talent Everyone wants talent, but what is it? Talent: Individuals seek to develop it. Companies want to identify and retain it. Succession planners search for it. Politicians plan for it.  The world wants it. There’s even a war for it. But what is it exactly? The word […]

Casting Vision It’s What Success Looks Like   Purpose The world is filled with fear and trepidation about the future. Staff are concerned for their jobs and what the future holds for them. World leaders have proven themselves to be uninspirational through being indecisive, divisive and destructive. So staff are looking for a leader who will […]

The Neuroscience of Trust in Uncertain Times Trust is a fickle thing. It’s been likened to a bankroll in your pocket. Each time you earn someone’s trust your bankroll gets a little larger. You keep on demonstrating your trustworthiness to people and your bankroll slowly but steadily grows. When I do this in a live example in workshops, I give the […]

Wise leaders know to fix these three things before expecting trust and collaboration in their team. Purpose: Trust has flat-lined in recent months, thanks largely to the lack of physical interaction. Plus the small detail that this pandemic has massively damaged the global economy threatening jobs and business survival. And without trust, there’s no chance of collaboration (in spite of all the wonderful tools to support it) even though we […]

Journaling for Success It’s What Great Leader Do! Have you noticed that all the famous, admired leaders write an autobiography or a book about leadership? Amazing how they seem to recall those hundreds of stories in so much specific detail. Or perhaps it’s not amazing, but a simple case of keeping a journal. What is interesting is […]

Pride and Prejudice You’re Biased! Now, before you go off in a huff and rant against my assertion do, please, let me explain. Everyone has biases. Actually, you have to or else your brain would drain all of your energy.         H2H Interface – Pride and Prejudice Purpose To highlight the top 10 cognitive […]

Raising Your Virtual Leadership Game with Neuroscience Hacks ¿How can we use Neuroscience to become better leaders? Critter brain and Smart Brain Let me start my explaining that our brains have two key parts as far as we are concerned. What some call our more primitive brain – the part that is concerned with the lower essential functions of our survival – […]

Overcome the Challenges of Leading From Home

Purpose: You’ll understand the three biggest mindshifts our survey respondents discovered when learning how to better lead and work from home. And some powerful neuroscience hacks to help ease transition to the new normal in working. Process: I’ll share the top MindShift! results from our survey and highlight the most pertinent aspects of leading from […]