Overcome the Challenges of Leading From Home

Purpose: You'll understand the three biggest mindshifts our survey respondents discovered when learning how to better lead and work from home. And some powerful neuroscience hacks to help ease transition to the new normal in working.

Process: I'll share the top MindShift! results from our survey and highlight the most pertinent aspects of leading from home shifts and how virtual veterans are winning over the difficulties with some powerful hacks.

Payoff: You'll quickly realise that you are far from alone with the difficulties you face and learn some hacks about how to overcome the obstacles and get better results.

TL:DR – The Challenges We Had To Wrap Our Minds Around

Working and Leading from home was new to many people and few organisations were prepared for the transition. We had to face the challenges of virtual working with little support and colleagues who were equally clueless.

Those with kids at home found both the joy of more family time and the tremendous difficulties of more family time. We discovered that even with powerful technology at our fingertips it wasn't equitably distributed, that there were no standards and juggling home-schooling with endless conference calls and the nerve-wrecking experience of being on camera on a cranky laptop was hardly the utopian ideal seen on the adverts.

We have to establish clear boundaries between what is work and what is home, often on the same table where we eat and the kids fight for laptop time.

We soon discovered that our schedules were back to back video calls on a never-ending deluge of new conference platforms, messengers and the emails kept piling in. It seemed that no-one realised just how stressed we were becoming.

What perhaps you didn't realise is that working virtually is genuinely exhausting for your brain. And empathy – that unconscious understanding of the other person's intent and how they are truly feeling – well, it's almost missing because our Mirror Neurons don't work at all well in the virtual space. Empathy has flatlined in the virtual world and we need to implement CPR immediately. All of our communications need Clarity, Purpose and Responsibility.

Then we discovered that it was down to ourselves to make this work. That no one was going to fix anything soon and “normal” — well “normal” had gone for good and in spite of feeling like someone had unplugged our motivation completely, we had to find it in ourselves to reach out, to be proactive, to get disciplined and determine for ourselves that we needed to take control. Even if it was just to turn the camera off every now and then and choose our priorities.

We learned that we had to be at cause for something and stop being at the effect of a virus no one understands and that actually, no one else knows what they are doing either.

We're learning that we're all in this same storm together, but we've realised that we're not all in the same boat. Some of us are in luxury yachts, many more are in old row boats and many are clinging onto a piece of driftwood.

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