LA 067: The Secrets to being an Exceptional presenter 3 – Get Visual!

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n this AdvantEdge Guide I am sharing how you can make your presentations engaging, memorable and interesting by utilising the New Golden Circle of Visual Storytelling.

There are three parts to this guide. I shall start with the problem, that is that most presentations (and presenters) are boring. That Smartphones are a presenters enemy and you try to give too much information in one go.

Then we'll look at how you can gain and keep someone's attention and lastly, we'll look at how your brain thinks visually and how to use visual storytelling so that you gain attention, engage your audience and make your presentation interesting and memorable.

Most presentations are boring

Take a moment to consider how many presentations you have attended that were fascinating and interesting and memorable. I suspect that you can count them on one hand.

Yawn yawn and yawn again

It's almost as if someone invented a special tool to keep all the people passive and obedient. A tool that is used in almost every organisation around the world. A tool so cruel in its design that everyone dreads it. A tool that will eat away at your time and steal the fun you might have with your family.

What if that same tool could be used for good? A time when people learned and felt motivated. A time when they truly began to understand what was happening now and in the future. That same tool could be used to change the world and make it a better place.

Well it can. Because that tool is “the presentation”.

70% of meetings are a waste of time says one HBR survey. To be honest, I think that there's another 29% out there who were attending a presentation and lost the will to complete the survey.

Is it true? You tell me. How exciting, memorable and useful are the presentations (and meetings) you attend?

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