Make Today Your Masterpiece

I think that you know I LOVE what I do. So this past four weeks of almost complete rest has been tough on me.

Make Today Your Masterpiece

Now I honestly thought that the smoking would be the biggest bother (and, if per chance you are a smoker and reading this, please check out my PS at the end.) No, the biggest bother has been stopping myself from doing too much.

I never thought that I had lived a particularly fast paced life. I never thought that I was a workaholic. After all, I LOVE what I do. I am following my dream and calling, and have fun every single day. So this has been a big shock to my system.

Admittedly, the first few days of a lowered blood pressure and, for me, incredibly low pulse in the low 50's when I used to have a resting heart rate of 90, was unsettling. And underneath the brave exterior, fear would occasionally grip as I felt a momentary dizziness whilst walking in the hot sun. I had a choice. I could let such fears take root or make a choice to be less timid.

As soon as I chose to that, I then had to stop myself from overdoing anything. I was ready to trot up the steps, get to the gym again. Dive in the pool and get back to work.

One moment I am egging myself onward, the next holding myself back.

I've always been a firm believer in building a legacy. I've urged my clients to consider their own and live their life towards achieving it. Well, I think I may have been wrong.

what's your legacy?What's your sentence?

At the end of life on this planet, we all get one sentence. Just one. Maybe, you'll be famous and get two, but most folk get just one. It's the final pithy words by which we will be remembered. Had it been so, mine from last month would have been pretty unexciting. Sure, my time would have been cut short. Isn’t everyone's? So why bother with choosing your legacy. Indeed, why bother with long term goal-setting?

Yes, Gasp, shock horror. Could it be that I am saying don’t set goals and align yourself to achieve them? Yes… and no.

What occurred to me was that I had been so focused on building for the long term, that I was neglecting today.

I was striving to get everything perfectly lined up for a great future that could so easily have been taken away.

In fact, I now realise, that I had put myself under a great deal of stress and pressure to achieve a future goal, that wasn't even here yet.

As Dr John C. Maxwell put it: “Today matters.”

It isn’t that the future does not matter, and it's not that a long term goal is a bad idea. It's not even daft to think of your own legacy. Unless it comes at the expense of the present moment and enjoying God's gracious gifts right here, right now.

Make today your masterpiece, (with apologies to John Wooden.)

What's Better Today?


Oh yes, and my PS…

PS… Only for smokers…

It is difficult to quit. I know. It is tough every single day. And those that tell you it's not, or they have an easy solution are telling lies from the pit of tobacco hell. I'm not going to give you a lecture. I'm not even going to tell you what you already know. I knew it too… and like you, ignored it. And, I'm sure it won’t happen to you. But if per chance it does, I know that you'll quit then. So no worries. This I wrote just for you.

P.P.S If you are not a smoker but know someone who might benefit from an honest, truthful and no BS way to quit then please send them the link.

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