Alex’s story – How to get unstuck

All through life, Alex has always felt that other people, schoolmates, friends and later colleagues, seemed to have it easier. Dad was never quite satisfied. It was hard to live up to his standards. Aunts and Uncles always knew a cousin who was better, brighter, richer, faster.

feeling stuckTo earn more, be recognized and respected. To enjoy life and have fun. To simply succeed. Is it really so difficult?

Alex wants to provide for others. Family is very important and the good of society is too, but Alex feels stuck on a hamster wheel, running from paycheck to paycheck with some left over, but it's never enough. And let's face it; the job sucks most of the time. Alex's boss rarely has a good word. Sometimes, when Alex has achieved something out of the ordinary, the boss notices, but most of the time Alex feels like the effort is unnoticed.

Alex was in a rut.

What to do now? And how do I get unstuck?

Alex wanted help, but talking to a family member or the boss felt too difficult and risky. Friends, well they just seem to be caught up in their own successful, busy lives. So Alex looked online and decided to risk everything and speak to a stranger. A coach who seemed to have helped a few people in similar situations get unstuck.

Some Alex contacted just tried to sell a solution; a few took the time to listen and genuinely appeared to care. However, what Alex needed was a plan to get from here to… well, somewhere a whole lot better, and someone who would be a guide on the side. After checking out a couple of potentials, Alex chose a coach.

It was unnerving at first. It felt like this coach could read minds and understood the real fears Alex faced, and never judged. Somehow, this coach dug down and found little gems of forgotten talents hidden in Alex's past. It felt good to be appreciated. It felt wonderful to know that there is greatness within. It felt wonderful o be unstuck and that the future could really be made better.

It wasn't cheap and it was hard work, and took time to mine all those gems and uncover Alex's true passion. There were days of sheer joy and days of uncertainty.

Together, they developed a plan of action, and the coach continued to guide with useful resources, follow up and measure progress. It felt good to know the progress. It felt good to be choosing to take charge of life. And Alex thrived.

Even whilst less than the best-qualified candidate, Alex was offered a position with another company. It was a near ideal position.

Alex loves the new job, has a balanced family and social life and is even volunteering in a favoured charity project.

Of course, Alex could have gotten there alone. However, not everyone is great at pushing themselves. And it sure helps to work with someone who cares, someone who knows how you can get unstuck and how to find and leverage your real talents and passion.

It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed; you just need to decide. I'll show you how. Schedule an appointment now.

Professional Leadership Caddy

There is greatness within you. I work with people who want to work it out.

I unstick your success with forward-thinking mindset, progressive insights and masterful communication.

With solid foundations from our research in Social Cognitive Neuroscience, our AdvantEdge programmes enable you to identify your real potential, successfully achieve your desired results and deliver high performance.

"What's better today?"

This is my mantra. Every day I ask myself and everyone I meet. And it sums up my approach to leadership coaching and mentoring.

My mission is to help you achieve positive change enabling you to realize personal success in business, career and life.

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