Is Coaching for You?

There are many good and valid reasons that coaching is not suitable for some people.

  • Coaching is not a panacea for all things.
  • It's certainly not a “silver-bullet” solution to performance issues.
  • There is no magic pill that will instantly solve your problems.

OK, there is a magic pill that will make it seem as if all of your problems have gone away. But even those wear off and reality comes back to bite.


I've been coaching and mentoring people for more than 20 years now. And I love coaching. I truly believe that coaching and mentoring is the one, single most beneficial thing I can do to help others achieve their own success.

[su_note note_color=”#ffc56c”]I started on this journey in need of some help, I suspect not unlike you.

I was actually assigned an “Outplacement” coach when I was made redundant.

And Bill was great. He helped me uncover some things about myself that, at the time, I was none too keen on releasing into the world.

He also helped me discover my calling. Not because he suggested that I should coach people myself, rather he suggested that the assessment I had taken indicated I should be in sales.[/su_note]

Me. In sales???!!!

He had to be kidding me.

Sometimes, your "personality" test steers you the wrong way

Sometimes, your “personality” test steers you the wrong way

But, no. My test results all pointed towards a sales role would be ideal for my ‘personality'.

Bill helped me put together a fancy CV. He prepped me for interviews, and even helped arrange a couple of them.

Fantastic I thought. What a helpful chap.

But it took me my next job to find out that it was utter nonsense.

I took a sales job.

I hated it.

Sure, I was pretty good at it. But I hated it.

And so began a journey that eventually took me into teaching, which took me into training, which led to coaching and mentoring.

So why did Bill get me so wrong?

It wasn't his fault. He was just telling me what my own personality tests were saying.

It was the tests that were wrong. Or rather, not sufficiently accurate for me to have based a life decision on.

[su_note note_color=”#ffc56c”]I had a terrific looking CV that bore as much resemblance to reality as a Superman comic and a patter that could sell you a second-hand heap of junk for your next transport option.[/su_note]

And, like you, I receive a hundred odd emails a day offering to solve every conceivable problem I have with business, marketing, leading, getting clients, building websites – let alone the get-rich quick schemes and offers of instant solutions… without any pain whatsoever.

Now, I am a little wiser. I have jumped on far too many bandwagons and regretted every dime and every minute wasted.

So. I'm making it a mission to help stop you from jumping on board something that you would regret.

And no. I'm not going to suggest that every one trying to sell you their services as a coach is a charlatan. And that I am the only true coach.

Far from it.

[su_note note_color=”#ffc56c”]If coaching is right for you, then you should be able to make a good, sensible choice for you. Your needs. Your preferences.[/su_note]

For example. If you don't like a structured approach, then don't come to me.

If you need a shoulder to cry on. Don't come to me.

There's plenty of great coaches out there. I hope that I can help you decide which is the right path for you.

Now. you want to read my 10 Reasons Why You Don't Need Coaching.






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