11 – Tall Poppy Syndrome


“True heroism is remarkably sober,  very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others whatever the cost.”Arthur Ashe

There's a tall poppy in every workplace . They're the people who seem to have it all. Whether it's looks, talent, success or simply they got what you deserve.

Resentment can soon build and, left unchecked, turn into abject misery.

Or perhaps you have heard about Madras Crabs?

When caught, Madras Crabs are put in an open basket.

They are free to escape anytime.

But they don't manage to do so.

Every time one of the crabs tries to climb out of the basket, his fellow crabs will grab a leg and pull him back down.

Another attempts a break for freedom, and the rest gang up to pull him back into the basket.

None escape because none of the others will let him.

Are you one of those trying to ‘escape' but everyone else just pulls you down? Whether they make snide comments or spread malicious gossip. They just don't want you to succeed.

Or perhaps you are one of those in the basket, pulling down anyone else who tries to move on in their life?

The Ego Challenge

If you're feeling hidden in the middle of the pack and perhaps resenting others achievements or apparent success, then maybe it's your ego getting in the way.
Instead, this week, go and find that individual and talk with them. They probably need your kindness much more than you need to beat yourself up for resenting them in the first place.

handle criticismHandling the Ego Challenge

  • Concentrate more on your duties than your dreams.
  • Appreciate the value of your position
  • Find satisfaction in knowing the real reason for the success of the project.
  • Understand the difference between self promotion and selfless promotion.
  • Self vs. selfless promotion