My Mentor Didn’t Need a Certificate, His Life Purpose was His Badge

Guest Post from Mike Griifin

My mentor, my hero of 23 years, Dwight Hill, passed away last April. Dwight had run the race of life and finished so well. We, his family, friends and mentees, celebrated how he poured his life into men like me.

You see, Dwight was the best mentor a man could ever have. He didn't need a certificate to be a mentor coach. He just did what he was called to do and did he do it with passion – mentoring men to become the leader they were called to be. The mentor qualities of Dwight were those gleaned from a life of an overcomer, a deep faith, and the attitude of a servant leader. When he mentored, he was in his strength zone. What did I learn from this great mentor that radically changed many a man’s life for the better? Read on. – See more at:


Mr. Griffin has spent the majority of his 36 year career in Asia in the field of Leadership Training and Organizational Consulting. His areas of expertise include Cross Cultural Leadership, Senior Executive Development, Sales Productivity, Strategy Mapping and Balanced Scorecard.

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