9 Characters of Leadership – The Craftsman Leader

The Craftsman leader is the clear headed technical leader. Deeply aware of their own qualities, characteristics and skills. They excel in their area. These leaders, rehearse and practice even during a project – working on particular aspects of their management and leadership that needs attention.

This leader excels when tinkering with the minutia details of how to run a particular project. These leaders prefer a low stress day, first time solutions, and polish for the final quality will suit them just fine. Quiet and concentrate more on achieving great results than prideful trumpeting of achievements, these are solid leaders and maintain a consistent high performance.

The Craftsman leader likes a smooth-running business where they can constantly and continuously improve aspects of their business in incremental steps. They invite you to examine their work, highlighting the intricate detail and fine product.

The ‘Craftsman Leader’ likes a smooth-running business where they can constantly and continuously improve aspects of their business in incremental steps. They approach their area of expertise with panache and very high quality. ‘Craftsman’ can be viewed as frustrating to others (especially Conquerors) when they want perfection rather than ‘good enough’

Gordone Bethune, Andy Grove, Sandy Weill are some examples I believe are here.

Developing craftsmen

Organizations and CEO’s often shy away from developing the craftsmen in their team. They know that they need the quality and steady high performance they bring. In fact, some are held back from progressing only because there’s just one step to go to being a chess-player leader and may even be perceived as a threat to those above and on the Boardroom.

Most of these leaders are an inspiration to their teams – enjoying and praising high quality work and performance, they encourage those without to develop the technical skills and their “soft skills”.

Often, these leaders act as mentors to others – with great experience and with the balance of the high achievement focus of the conqueror, and the strategic politicking of the chess player.

So what does the Craftsman leader need to develop?

Well, the chances are that if you are here, you already know. But just in case…

It is possible that this leader needs a more strategic perspective. More often it is the skills of influencing and motivating.


Yes, it’s true.

Frequently the Craftsman leader has very high Motivation level and Influence Level. That is, they are personally highly motivated and this exudes to those around, who pick up on their motivation. They are inspiring!

They also very frequently have a high level of influence with others. They most often have developed others who then follow because they have been personally developed by this leader… which in turn earns respect and loyalty.

The down side, for some of these leaders, is that because of these high levels of qualities, they do not deliberately practice the skills of motivating and influencing.

When some people simply “don’t get it”, the few that are uninspired or just not interested in learning from this person… they lack the mind ‘politick’ to bother.

This is often a great shame for the organization who would truly benefit if they stepped up that next level.

Those that reach the position… well just look at their organizations. Talk to their people. You’ll want to work there too.

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