9 Characters of Leadership – The Controller Leader

Controller Leaders are technically competent, they have the aptitude to do leadership. On the downside, Controller Leaders often care little about another person’s values. With some technical development in the DOING of leadership, you become a more competent leader without the good people skills.

The most noticeable characteristic of this leader is that they shout. If someone does not understand what they need to do, this leader will usually raise their voice, repeating exactly the same words… just more loudly.

Easily frustrated by other people, they rarely care much for what’s important for the other person – their values (even their own!)

They show little empathy for poor performers. Yet these leaders often form the backbone of the company.

This leader is actually more manager than ‘leader’. Often process oriented, this person finds the rule book and sometimes throws it. These leaders can be very very effective. The armed forces are filled with Controller Leaders. They can shout louder to get things done. And , when struggling to communicate, the most effective action is to raise the voice. Forceful gesticulations and arm movements enable the coarse leader to vent some frustrations.

The ‘Controller Leader’ is good at what they do, in their area of expertise. They like to control information, power or skills.

Often insecure, they can be aggressive and quick to blame their own mistakes on others.

These technically almost competent leaders abound. You’ve met at least one in the past month. The more extreme politicians tend have this characteristic. Trading floors overflow with them. In business, pre-dominantly male, high testosterone, almost brilliant.

Achievement or results oriented, though not so high as conquerors.

Developing Controller Leaders

If you are a this type of leader it is likely that you regularly feel frustrated and, well, you may not have known this before, but believe me, everyone else thinks you are a little “rough around the edges”.

No, I agree it’s not a nice label. But then, can I be honest with you here. The fear you instil in others isn’t too kind either.

You have come a long way. You probably get great results. And you may even be extremely well paid. So what’s wrong with staying here?

Nothing at all, if you enjoy this. Not for you anyway. Others might take issue with me here and suggest that you should be the first in line for re-training. But this is not so. All businesses find that they need a few of these competent yet seemingly uncaring leaders. These are often the people who get things done. Only the conqueror is more highly prized in such situations.

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