9 Characters of Leadership – The Conjuror Leader

The Conjuror Leader triumphs over adversity again and again. The conjuror seems intent on making their own lives difficult and forever deliberately putting themselves and their teams into new challenges. These leaders find excitement in difficult problems, thoroughly enjoy being tested in the “school of hard knocks”, or an impossible negotiation with the union rep. They excel in the bunkers of the business world, and become easily bored with routine projects. They gather their wits before a troublesome task and have marvellous imagination which they are very capable of transferring directly into their work. About half of the these characters like to show-off, whilst the other, quieter half, like to gain great results.

Conjuror Leaders are the true 360 Leaders. They face daily the tensions of balancing the demands of bosses, staff, clients and suppliers. This is truly leading from the middle of the pack. It’s a tough place to be.

The mantra of the successful Conjuror Leader is to “keep on keeping on”. Lead upwards, across and down. Prioritize sufficiently well and above all, manage self effectively.

Leaders here include: Herb Kelleher, Hank Greenberg, Michael Eisner

Like their namesake, these leaders juggle many things at a time. Kings and Queens of multi-tasking, if they learn how to empower their team and enable them through developing the right skills for them then all that sometimes remains, is to become more long term goal focused and have a more strategic perspective.

Developing the Conjuror Leader

The first and foremost thing for the leader in the middle is a reminder that Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less

The challenges Conjuror Leaders face on a daily basis and most often, the lack of power and authority means that they have to influence upwards, across and down the organization. Raising your level of Influence with others by adding value to them and honing the skills of persuasiveness are the key to success.

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