LA 024: How to find your talent, practice it and achieve greatness

It was 4.30 on a cold and wet morning and I was choking on the stench of thick layers of years old grease behind the deep fat fryer and I was ecstatically happy as I scrubbed and cleaned the once white tiles back to their original gleaming brightness. It was my first day on my […]

LA 026: The Two Enemies to Your Success-and How to Defeat Them

FEAR is the number one reason that people never achieve their breakthrough to success. Yes, we can blame other people for not giving us the chance. We can lament that we took the wrong course. We can express concern about the uncertainty of obtaining that success, and maybe, just maybe I’ll look stupid. In short, […]

LA 023: How to Hack Motivation and Be Happy

Motivation is chemistry. That feeling you call motivation is to do with the dopamine in your brain, specifically the increase in dopamine in your “nucleus accumbens” is the brain’s feedback for predicting rewards. Dopamine is known as a neurochemical of pleasure, and sure, dopamine makes you feel good, so why can we also get a […]

LA 023: The Busyness Delusion – Why Your Efforts May Not Lead to Success

He who stays latest is working hardest. It’s 10 O Clock as you turn the lights out that you switched on that morning as you leave after a 16 hour slog of a day. Grabbing a quick bite as you run for the train home knowing that the kids will be fast asleep by the […]

LA 022: Why transformation fails—4 Ways people deal with change

“Change is the only constant” goes the refrain. There would be little need for change if people were happy to stay the same as they are now. You know that change is uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is; it’s how uncomfortable that change makes you feel. For some, difference is […]

LA 021: How to influence someone you don’t know well—4 universal appeals

Jeff sat on a bar stool at the front of the room. He had no slides, no props, just sat and talked. Within minutes, he had everybody in the room on the edge of their seats eagerly nodding and ready to follow him wherever he went. None of us in the room had met Jeff […]

LA 020: How to Align Yourself to Getting Things Done and Enjoy Success

Have you set yourself a SMART goal and still not achieved it? Goal setting, we know is a powerful tool in helping us focus on a specific objective and put our energy and resources towards achieving it. But did you know that human beings align themselves to achieving their goal in one of four ways? […]