Stress and Anxiety hold us back from achieving all that we can – to win this war, we need to understand just what is happening inside our brains and then we can go beyond coping and choose to lead our lives towards good success.
Stress is the way our bodies and minds react to something which upsets our normal balance in life. Stress is how we feel and how our bodies react when we are fearful or anxious. Some level of stress has some upside to mind and body function to enable us to react in a positive way. Too much stress though, is both harmful to the body and our performance. How much is too much? Well, that depends… on you and how you respond.

It is essential to know how our brain responds to the stimuli which trigger an anxiety response so that you are equipped to deal appropriately with anxiety.

Let me highlight the key areas of your brain that are involved, and then I will explain what happens inside the brain.  (more…)

The key to personal development is to be more growth oriented than goal oriented.

  • The better you are, the greater your value today
    • If you’re looking back on yesterday and still thinking what a great job that was, then you aren’t adding much value today.
  • The better you are, the greater your potential for tomorrow.
    • I’m often asked by leaders who take our GAPPS assessment about their potential. Since we have a potentiality index, which we know is remarkably accurate. And especially if it’s a little low, or they’ve already reached it. And I ask them, what have you done today that makes you better than yesterday. Those with little more potential always say nothing, those with great potential can tell me the often many things they are doing better today than yesterday, and also they share what their plans are for tomorrow too.
  • The better you are, the greater the potential of others for tomorrow.
Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you are a leader, success is all about growing others. And the time to start that is today. Jack Welch