LA 038: Why Talent Leaves

and Other Leadership Lessons from BREXIT

So the UK is getting divorced from Europe. Rather surprising with the way different age groups voted. Or rather, not surprising. Baby boomers and older and the older Gen X voting to leave, with the youngsters voting to remain. Not only has the vote divided the country in two about Europe, it’s divided along generational […]

LA 037: Are You using Your Talent?

In this week’s episode, I’m asking you a tough question: Are you using your talent? If before that I asked you what you want from your life? It’s possible that you would be just like the majority of my clients and tell me that you want to be happy and fulfilled. And there is absolutely […]

LA 040: Five Ways to Let Your Courage Set You Free

Courage is the root of all freedom. It takes courage to dream big dreams? no matter your past, circumstances, or what others tell you. It takes courage to go after what matters. And when the going gets tough and obstacles crop up (as they always will), it takes courage to press on. Any time you go […]

LA 036: 6 Premortem Questions for the Perfect Presentation

Welcome to this edition of the Leadership AdvantEdge Podcast and my purpose this week is to help you confidently make your next meeting or presentation perfect, and not be anxious about it. To do that, today, I’m going to share with you how to do a premortem on your meeting or presentation by asking yourself six questions. On […]

LA 035: 3 Tips for Being Heard

Why is it so difficult to make yourself heard? When you’re in IT, the chances are pretty high that you are quieter than your non-IT colleagues. You are probably more introverted than they are and you might even be regarded as being a little bit quiet. Nothing wrong with being quiet. It has worked for […]

LA 034: How to Improve Team Perfromance

This is a story of two leaders. We worked with the organisation on team leadership because one of their sales teams was “highly successful” and another was “doing poorly, with a very low morale”. The organisation wanted us to “find out what’s working in [the high-performing  team], fix the [low-performing team] and run a training […]

LA 033: How to Overcome the Great Delusions of Your Success

Do you believe that to succeed you just have to be lucky, Or perhaps you believe it’s all about your own hard work? No, then perhaps you think it’s down to having the right connections. After all, the saying goes, it’s now what you know, it’s who you know. “Luck” hints to us that all […]

LA 032: How to Handle Tall Poppy Syndrome and Madras Crabs in the workplace

“True heroism is remarkably sober,  very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever the cost, but the urge to serve others whatever the cost.”Arthur Ashe I’ve been working with a client this past week who’s something of a maverick. A rebel. A person who has a different opinion and ideas […]

LA 031: How to be at Cause for your Life and Creative Success

Are you at Cause or Effect? One of the most common issues faced by people in their lives and leadership is: life happening. John Lennon’s famously said “Life happens whilst you’re making other plans.” Some of you are going to like this, others won’t like this one little bit. Essentially, you have a choice. A […]

LA 030: How Well Do You Influence Yourself?

When we ask this question in our workshops, we are usually met with blank  stares at first. I call them ‘blank stares’ because to be looked at as if you  are completely off your trolley isn’t something I choose to reinforce. The first response from that first brave soul suggests that there is no need to  […]