Four Questions Every Leader Should Ask (If They Want To Improve Performance) Welcome to the Joy at Work Podcast with me, Dr John Kenworthy. In this guide we’re learning the: Four questions every leader should be asking, if they want to improve performance. Introduction Improved performance requires growth. And without growth, our career is doomed to stagnation and eventual death. Am I exaggerating? Well, stop watering […]

Understand Me 4 – Who are they? At this point, you know what your audience Knows and what the Need to know. You’ve got a handle on their Opinion and remember that they need to be right, and they need to belong and you will be encouraging their positive self-image. But you recall the saying it’s not what you know but […]

Understand Me 3 – What is their Opinion? I didn’t recognise the number but I was expecting a call and thus began another 5 minute rude interruption. We all get them. We all hate them. And yet companies persist in using telemarketing and tired sales scripts. This one was especially bad. It was someone trying to sell me a meeting arrangement service […]

Understand Me – What do they Need to know? Have you ever sat in a presentation and successfully listened to everything that the speaker shared, remembered what was essential and acted on the information whilst simultaneously fielding emails, carrying out a chat message and planning lunch and all before a really important client meeting. OK, now in this very short space of time, […]

Understand Me 2 – What do the Know? What do they Know? Let’s start with asking what do your audience already know about you and your topic? There are two extreme dangers here: 1. Assumptions and 2. The Curse of Knowledge You see I carry a curse. A curse of knowledge. Just as you do: The Curse of Knowledge! I attended a […]

Understand Me – Getting to KNOW Your Audience If there’s one complaint I hear about a leader’s skills from their boss or their HR, it’s that they don’t adjust their communication for their audience. And yet those leaders genuinely believe that they do adjust for their audience. So who is right? Well, they’re both correct of course. The presenter thinks they are adjusting […]

LA 009: Sunday Drive Leadership

I’ve been prompted this week in my own development about setting goals rather than drifting along and hoping for the best and I wanted to share this with you. When I was a very young kid, I remember that we had an old black Austin Wolseley. I remember the leather seats and the ‘horse’ in […]

“How to Find your Talent, Practice it and Achieve Greatness”
by Dr John Kenworthy

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How to find your talent, practice it and achieve greatnessIt was 4.30 on a cold and wet morning and I was choking on the stench of thick layers of years old grease behind the deep fat fryer and I was ecstatically happy as I scrubbed and cleaned the once white tiles back to their original gleaming brightness.

It was my first day on my first proper job and I would soon be delegating this filthy work to some other poor sap who similarly wanted to become a chef de cuisine. In the meantime, my job was to scrub, peel, haul, carry, chop, clear and clean it all up again.

The head cook (for in the mid 1970's we had few “Chef's” as that was far too French and suggestive of “haute cuisine”) had agreed to take me under her wing and teach me how to prepare the only famous dish to come from England and clogged the arteries of its working classes: The Great British Breakfast.

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LA 006: 7 Steps to your new goal

When you aim for the right target, your goal becomes more possible You already know that you need to have a clear goal in your personal development as a leader. Without a goal, you don’t know where you are going. And that’s exactly where you will end up… drifting somewhere… maybe it’ll be great, maybe it’ll be a […]

“How Great Leaders Build Trust and Increase Engagement”
by Dr John Kenworthy

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How Great Leaders Build Trust and Increase Engagement


A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast about the Power of Trust to Succeed and many people wrote and asked why it is that you can do something with the very best intentions but find that it backfires.
It seems that it is very easy to lose someone's trust but oh so difficult to gain it back.

Think of trust as a wallet full of cash.

I know that it's rare to have such a thing, but imagine, OK?

Say I have a couple of thousand bucks in various bills in my trust wallet. Every time I do or say something that causes you to lose faith in me, to lose your trust, for whatever reason, is like asking you to take whatever amount of cash out of my wallet.

Of course, being a normal human being, you'll take the 100 dollar bills first.

If, foolishly I hurt you in some way again, you'll take another chunk from my wallet. A third time and you'll probably take the wallet and empty it.

Now I have no trust with you. Is there any way I can influence you if you don’t trust me? Of course not.