N2N Singapore gettogether

What a wonderful group of professionals. Organised by Jim Macfalane. Gurus and experts in leadership, story-telling, stress management, the calm revolution, coaching, negotiations, finance, Edward de Bono, and resilience.

N2N Singapore gettogether

Thanks for a great sharing session.

For Negotiations, contact Jim Macfarlane

For story telling and narrative connect with Anjali Sharma

Edward de Bono would be Linda low

Resilience through Thierry Moschetti

Accounting made easy by James Leong

Emily Yap for leadership

Join the Calm Revolution with Mark Jamieson, and

yours truly for coaching and mentoring.

Professional Leadership Caddy

There is greatness within you. I work with people who want to work it out.

I unstick your success with forward-thinking mindset, progressive insights and masterful communication.

With solid foundations from our research in Social Cognitive Neuroscience, our AdvantEdge programmes enable you to identify your real potential, successfully achieve your desired results and deliver high performance.

"What's better today?"

This is my mantra. Every day I ask myself and everyone I meet. And it sums up my approach to leadership coaching and mentoring.

My mission is to help you achieve positive change enabling you to realize personal success in business, career and life.

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