Will Your Talent Pass the AI Test?

Benefits of AI in Talent Acquisition A recruitment partner based in Shanghai told me that they now typically receive 260 (new) applications for an open position in a large company. The hospitality sector garners more than others: in Manchester, UK almost 1,000 applied for a receptionist job in a single day in July 2020! Will […]

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What is Talent, Really, Anyway?

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-jumbs-f9a610 What is Talent Really, Anyway? #UnLock Your Talent Everyone wants talent, but what is it? Talent: Individuals seek to develop it. Companies want to identify and retain it. Succession planners search for it. Politicians plan for it.  The world wants it. There’s even a war for it. But what is it exactly? The word […]