LA 018: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Increase Engagement

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast about the Power of Trust to Succeed and many people wrote and asked why it is that you can do something with the very best intentions but find that it backfires. It seems that it is very easy to lose someone’s trust but oh so difficult to […]

LA 017: How to find your talent, practice it and achieve greatness

It was 4.30 on a cold and wet morning and I was choking on the stench of thick layers of years old grease behind the deep fat fryer and I was ecstatically happy as I scrubbed and cleaned the once white tiles back to their original gleaming brightness. It was my first day on my […]

LAx: What’s the Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Managing and Counselling?

What’s the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling, training and managing? Let’s, however, take a look at the main similarities and differences, as this may be helpful for you in establishing the style you would prefer someone works with you. There is considerable overlap between these development approaches with each having a performance, direction, support or […]

LA 016: How to Let Go and Gain Control

What helps distinguish leaders and managers is about control and, quite literally, how “hands-on” you are. If you have ever learned to play the game of golf, the chances are that you grip the club tightly. After all this is basically holding onto a stick that you will swing through the air and hit a ball. Allowing […]