Unfailure! How to be sure of your future success.

We’re all aware that there are no shortcuts to success. But, have you noticed that success seems to come more easily to some people and not so easily to you? It’s OK, you’re not alone. In fact, everyone sees it this way. Even that eejit in your class at school. You know, the one in the […]

LA 010: Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

Technical Aptitude alone is insufficient Jimmy Connors, winner of 109 professional singles tennis titles says, “There’s a thin line between being #1 or #100, and mostly it’s mental.” In his well-researched book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman shows that it’s our attitude more than our aptitude that determines our altitude. While our society lauds intellectual giants and power, Goleman’s […]

LA 009: Sunday Drive Leadership

I’ve been prompted this week in my own development about setting goals rather than drifting along and hoping for the best and I wanted to share this with you. When I was a very young kid, I remember that we had an old black Austin Wolseley. I remember the leather seats and the ‘horse’ in […]