Hey Leaders: 5 Tips to Positively Powerful Presentations | Linked 2 Leadership

Love it or hate it. Your ability to deliver a powerful presentation makes the difference between success and failure. Hosting a work or group presentation often comes with a great deal of anxiety attached. Many people do not like to stand up in-front of groups because they wonder how they are going to sound and […]

Realizing Leadership – Cover Story – Irene Becker’s 3Q Leadership

Irene Becker @JustCoachIt is this months cover story on the e-magazine “Realizing Leadership“. In conversation with Laurie Wilhelm, Irene shares her unique 3Q Leadership model. Realizing Leadership, by the way, is only available on smart devices through an app from itunes or google play.

How to introduce 360 Appraisals – How to – 3D HR | appraisal

#appraisal schemes are an essential part of any business, as a means of measuring how people are performing in their roles in the work-place.  The appraisal scheme may not be formalised and happen in an ad-hoc, unsystematic way.  Often that means someone is only told about their performance when they get things wrong – good performance […]

360 appraisal
The Economist Guide to Financial Management

The Economist Guide to Financial Management (2nd Ed): Principles and practice (Economist Books) (London: The Economist, 2014)

The most straightforward and easily understood book on finance.

John Tennent clearly explains the underlying foundations of managing finance, simply. With plenty of examples to help you grasp the concept and mini case studies of how to read the accounts of listed companies.

Thi book will help you demystify finance and be able to red a balance sheet, income statement and truly understand the critical importance of cash.

How to quit smoking – the real way

This post is for smokers who actually want to quit but are fed up of the nagging, berating, and sundry nonsense surrounding the quitting industry. Ex-smokers who want to edify, support and encourage those trying to quit are welcome as well. Let’s begin with some correct and well-known information: Smoking is bad for you There. […]

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